Does your mascot electrify the crowd?

Does your mascot represent your institution with humor, respect, and confidence? Any mascot is by definition a major part of that organization’s public identity. For better or worse, this symbol plays a major role in dictating the public's perception of you, your colleagues, students, and the work you do.

As a high-profile NCAA mascot, it was Tyson's job to make sure the Oregon Duck personified the university's values and traditions. As the Duck, Tyson performed at home and away games for football, men's basketball, women's basketball, volleyball, wrestling, tennis, soccer, baseball, softball, at fundraisers and community outreach events, and on local and national media.


"Not only was Tyson's job performance an unparalleled benchmark of quality, he motivated his successors to achieve the same."
Laraine Raish, Cheerleading Coach, University of Oregon

Tyson joined the Duck Mascot squad in 2001 and immediately began stretching the limits of what the character could do. Modifications made to the suit itself allowed Tyson to wow Oregon fans with acrobatic stunts and trampoline antics. Networking with professional mascots from around the country also brought in new crowd-pleasing skits. In 2004 the Duck won its first national championship title with Tyson inside the suit. His four years as the Duck were a lot of fun, but Tyson was surprised by the life lessons he learned along the way, which continue to guide and influence his life and work.

Whether your organization is large or small, Tyson can give your mascot team and their supervisor the tools they need to make a splash in your area and in the media, while maintaining decorum and respect. Contact him to learn more.