See What Others Say About Tyson

As a presenter and a leader, few people compare in energy and charisma to Tyson.  His capacity to reach each individual in a group, and to catalyze them into action is truly remarkable.  Tyson takes people on a journey that they will continue to talk about for week and months afterward.  It is impossible to leave any encounter with Tyson and approach life as you did before.  I would highly recommend Tyson for any group of individuals, from academic settings to corporate gatherings.
Matt Gerber
Director of US Operations, Satski and Satsport

We walked away from the conference with a brand new outlook on personal growth, focus, and leadership for our business... Your thinking and attitude will be truly changed after you listen to Tyson.
Charles Shine
Primerica Financial Services

His commitment to personal growth is so strong that he leaves individuals and groups alike with the desire to leave behind their life as a human being and embrace a new life as a human becoming.  Tyson is a must-experience for everyone!
Jordan Schweiger,
Founder and President, YES! Fund

When working with a group, Tyson engages them with humor and then challenges them with ideas. He has a great skill for framing a question and then getting everyone in the room sharing possible answers.
Shira Fadeley
Eugene Public Schools

Tyson provided essential instructional leadership for our first-time marching band.  It was apparent from day one that Tyson was committed to fostering student leadership and mentoring.  Although we thought we were only getting a band teacher, what we quickly realized was that Tyson was providing so much more for our students.  He challenged them to perform at a level beyond their expectations, all the while creating a fun, dynamic learning environment.  The students responded to his positive, focused, respectful instruction.  With his tutelage and guidance our kids stepped up and performed beyond their expectations.  It was an empowering experience for them.
Connie Hansen,
Sherwood School Board

Tyson Wooters brings a dynamic message that can change how you do business.  The stories and principles he shares can truly make a difference in your life and your organization.  His energy and passion are tremendous.
Brian Griffiths,
Director of Bands at Corban College

My experience working with Tyson has been phenomenal. He is an energetic and creative leader and one of the most reliable people I've ever worked with. He consistently brings to his projects a fresh view, constant generation of ideas, and a focused sense of both fun and productivity. I greatly value any opportunity to work with Tyson.
Brian Silva
Technical Director at Walt Disney Animation Studios

My group was brought together by a merger and a couple new hires...Tyson helped us lay the groundwork to become a team.
John Killin
Merit Construction Alliance

Tyson's leadership sessions were an outstanding opportunity for our students...I highly recommend him for any group's leadership training.
Ray Severns
Hillsboro Public Schools

As a speaker, he "gets" his audience, but more importantly he "keeps" them. If you engage him as a speaker, I'm confident you will be pleased with your choice!
Larry Chadwick
Founder and President of Oregon Cancer Ski-Out and Chadco, LLC