Tyson Wooters believes in the strength of humble leaders, the awesome power of servanthood, and your organization's ability to harness those forces. He also believes in his life's mission: to educate people through humor and shared experience about the phenomenal power of taking real accountability and ownership in every aspect of life.

Tyson learned to lead while wearing white pants and standing on a ladder in front of his bands. But he admits that those elements aren't necessarily required in the cultivation of every good leader. His formative leadership experience was as drum major of his high school marching band, a position that launched him not only into the glamorous, high-stakes world of college marching band, but taught him the value of putting service to an organization above personal glory.

Along with earning his teaching degree in music education from the University of Oregon (as well as unofficial minors in "trampoline performance" and "mascot studies"), Tyson has spent the last decade working with groups in the US and around the world. He considers himself a teacher first and foremost, though his definition of what it really means to "teach" often doesn't require a blackboard or a textbook.

Tyson began speaking and presenting in 1998, and has apprenticed with the nationally-recognized Challenge Day organization, Mike Robbins, The Ovation Company, and other highly sought-after Tyson illustrates upside down scubamotivational speakers. He has worked with professional, scholastic, and civic groups ranging in size from dozens to thousands of people, including university and public school groups around the country, Merit Contractors' Alliance, and Rotary International. He also serves on the board of directors of the Rotary Ethics Initiative.

Tyson lives in Portland, Oregon, where he curates an impressive Hawaiian shirt collection and rides his moped on sunny days. He enjoys travel, scuba diving, and quality time spent with Amy, the love of his life.