Have your students taken ownership of the band?

Do your student leaders arrive at rehearsal early and stay late to clean up? Do your drum majors actively seek ways to help? Do they lead by example, and quietly improve morale? Your leadership corps can be a subtle and positive force in the classroom, behind the scenes, and on the field; all they need is a nudge in the right direction.

Those special students aren’t just born leaders. They are taught to be humble and helpful by the adults and peers in their homes, schools, and communities. The values and education necessary for the creation of such leaders–whether leaders by name or simply by example–is the business of any educator. And your band program can be a crucial step in their development.

"I am already looking forward to Tyson's leadership retreat next fall, but more significantly, so are my students."

- Dr. Eric Wiltshire, University of Oregon

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What he brings to the program is something that we as band directors don't always take the time to do ourselves... Having Tyson around is like a breath of fresh air.

Dr. Sue Samuels
University of Alabama at Birmingham

I felt like the student leaders needed a little more than I could give them... We brought Tyson in and it was fantastic - the kids really responded to him... We noticed a big difference in our season because the leaders really stepped up more than they ever have.

Dr. Mark Spede
Clemson University


I could not be more thrilled with what Tyson brought to our Retreat. It was really neat to have him here and we're going to have him back in the future.

Dr. Brad McDavid
University of Washington

Tyson can help.

Tyson is eager to bring his extensive training and expertise on leadership, team development, and group dynamics to your program, so that your band can discover (or rediscover) its fullest potential.

As a former band director, Tyson possesses keen insight into exactly what you do and what your band needs, and will work with you to design a customized program of workshops, activities, and group discussions that will address the unique concerns and challenges facing your organization. In short, he will help make sure your band program has a culture of service and accountability, where students feel they belong and seek to welcome others.


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